Hyperview Selects Ambarella’s CV3-AD Family of Automotive AI Central Domain Controllers for Autonomous Driving High Performance Computing Platforms


Ambarella, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMBA), an edge AI semiconductor company, and Hyperview, an autonomous driving tech company, today announced that Hyperview has selected Ambarella’s CV3-AD family of AI central domain controller systems-on-chip (SoCs) to develop high performance computing (HPC) autonomous driving platforms. The focus of this development will be on pairing CV3-AD SoCs with Hyperview’s software stack to provide production-ready perception, automated driving and parking solutions, for implementation by Tier-1s and OEMs in autonomous driving systems. Through this initial cooperation, the two companies seek to address the needs of the global automotive market.

Building on its experience in full-stack autonomous driving technologies, Hyperview is combining its advanced hardware design, software algorithm and system integration capabilities with Ambarella’s scalable, high performance and power efficient CV3-AD family of AI central domain controller SoCs. This combination enables the integration and implementation of high-level autonomous driving systems and applications.

Empowered by the Ambarella CV3-AD family of SoCs, Hyperview’s automated-driving central domain control unit (DCU) can now collect more comprehensive sensing data and improve processing speeds, thereby increasing recognition accuracy and realizing more autonomous driving functions. The CV3-AD SoC family integrates Ambarella’s next-generation CVflow® AI computing architecture, which provides optimal processing for Hyperview’s perception and planning algorithm, due to its higher software execution efficiency and lower power consumption compared with GPU and DSP architectures. The CV3-AD’s 5nm process technology further reduces the power consumption of the system. The end result is that Hyperview’s CV3-AD-based central DCU can drastically simplify automotive thermal-management design and lower power management complexity, while decreasing system costs and the mechanical complexity of vehicles.

“With the continuing advancements in vehicle intelligence, the market demand for high-level autonomous driving is ever increasing,” said Dr. Liu Feilong, Founder and CEO of Hyperview. “Through this collaboration with Ambarella, we intend to develop an intelligent driving central DCU with high performance and low power consumption. We plan to achieve this by combining Ambarella’s CV3-AD family of AI SoCs with our production-ready Navigate-on-Pilot (NoP) ADAS driving software and automated parking software, which will facilitate the mass-production of high-level autonomous driving solutions. With this cooperation as the starting point, over time we intend to deepen our collaboration with Ambarella in order to expand our global market and oversea business, while displaying Chinese innovation on the global stage and empowering the autonomy transformation of the vehicle industry at home and abroad.”

“Our goal for this cooperation between Ambarella and Hyperview is to enable global tier-1s and OEMs with a new generation of advanced autonomous driving systems,” said Fermi Wang, President and CEO of Ambarella. “By selecting our CV3-AD SoC family, Hyperview will be able to create AD solutions that offer the automotive industry superior performance, lower power consumption and significant bill-of-material improvements.”

Leveraging the CV3-AD family of autonomous driving central domain controller SoCs from Ambarella, Hyperview seeks to develop the global markets. Hyperview’s vision for this cooperation is to build advanced autonomous driving products and help create the next generation of transportation.

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