FTDI Chip strengthens X-Chip USB platform with range of breakout boards

FTDI Chip strengthens X Chip USB platform with range of breakout boards_popup

Recently FTDI chips has launched an array of breakthroughs boards, that will be adding support to its engineers by using the X chips series. these concepts are basically low profile items and has a bridge of USB 2.0 serial and parallel interfaces. The UMFT200XD is a basically a  USB to I2C module that has four control bus lines in it that is based on the FT200XD devices. This UMFT201XB will incorporate and FT220XQ taht will be enabling the conversion of the parallel bit interface to the USB where data will be set by the bit width of one or two depending on the constraints.
The UMFT230XB module normally relies on a FT230XQ USB-to-UART IC. it is equipped with four control bus lines and it utilizes UART bridging at the rate of 3bps.



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