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Techmezine speaks with NAVIN GOLIYA,DIRECTOR,KUSAM ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIES on Kusam’s Digital Multimeter and Market Journey .

1. Kindly share about Kusam -Meco market journey ?

KUSAM MECO was started in 1983 to introduce new innovative Test Instruments, at that time most of the instruments used were Analog Instruments. There were hardly any brands of Digital Instruments available in India considering this situation as an opportunity to introduce & popularize Digital Instruments KUSAM MECO introduced Multi Meters & Clamps meters in India in a big way. Due to the extremely stable and reliable quality, the instruments were easily accepted by the users. As the demand grew, more and more models of DMMS & DCMS were added to the range. After a few years  more & more instruments were added including “UL” listed Multi meters & Clamp meters which are the best quality instruments available in this county. Today we have over 400 different products in our range.

2. What are the latest advancements in the Test & Measurement Industry ?

Our new introduction are High quality Thermal imagers, Acoustic Thermal Images, Rescue Hooks, New models of Digital Multimeters, Power Clampmeters. We also have Power Equipment Testing Instruments, Class’A’ Power Quality & Harmonies Analyser.

3. Tell us about your Digital Multimeter ?

KUSAM-MECO offers the Highest Safety Digital Multi meter in India- the ‘UL’  listed conforming to the highest quality standards as lead down by “UL” unlike ‘CE’ approval which is only self certification. These DMMS have fine retarding Polycarbonate casing in contrast with ABS casing provided by other manufacturer.  P.C has a melting point of 245°C as compared to ABS which has melting point of about 125°C. The KUSAM- MECO DMMS point HRC fuses to prevent damage to internal circuit in the event of wrong connections.

The DMMs are provided with a tough Holster which takes care even if the instrument drops  from a height of 1- meter. The Instruments have transient  protection from 6 kv  -12 kv thereby ensuring safety  of the user even if a fault takes place in the supply system, this protection is not available in most similar instruments available in India.

4. As the global economy slows down, how will the semiconductor industry be affected by the global recession and how will Kusam -Meco respond to this issue ?

Even though the global economy slows down, the effect on our business will be minimal because we have a large customer base covering almost all industries. Hence precision in one industry will be balance out by increased demand in another Industry.

5. What are your growth plans for India in the next 12 months ?

In the next 12-months we will expand our products portfolio and also increase our Customer base to increase our business by atleast 30%.



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