JAE Announces Launch of New Connector Line: The MX80 Series of Compact Waterproof Automotive In-line Connectors


As the need for high performance automobiles increases, the number of built-in electronic components increases as well. This leads to limited mounting and wiring space and the demand for smaller connectors becomes ever more evident.

To cater to these needs, JAE has developed and launched the MX80 Series small waterproof in-line connectors.

MX80 Series connectors support a variety of vehicle applications such as side view mirrors, actuating motor functions, indicator lights, blind spot monitors, etc. They are waterproof and possess a small-form factor for use in internal or external vehicle environments.

The MX80 Series of compact waterproof automotive connectors are IP67 compliant and follows automotive standard USCAR-2. Both MX80 pin and socket housings provide a Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) mechanism that enables the detection of incomplete terminal insertion. TPA’s prevent error during assembly and provide mating confirmation with a clear audible click and tactile feedback that contribute to connector reliability and ease of use.

JAE commits to expand the MX80 Series product lineup by adding additional pin count variations and varying key types to avoid incorrect mating when multiple connectors are in use at the same time.

In addition to the MX80 Series of compact waterproof automotive connectors, JAE also offers the MX19 Series and MX44 Series connectors that provide suitable solutions for related applications.

As an authorized distributor for JAE, Heilind Asia provides JAE’s products and also value added services. Heilind Asia supports both original equipment and contract manufacturers in all market segments of the electronics industry, stocking products from the industry’s leading manufacturers in 25 component categories, with a particular focus on interconnect, electromechanical, fastener/hardware and sensor products.

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