Alpha Wire’s ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire – Smaller. Lighter. Tougher.


Alpha Wire’s updated version of the popular ThermoThin line combines maximum performance in an exceptionally small and lightweight construction. ThermoThin is most suited for use in oil and gas, semiconductor, industrial and military industries. ThermoThin’s insulation is made by PFA which is in PTFE family delivers reliable performance for extreme temperature and harsh conditions.

ThermoThin wire could offer customers the following benefits:

Extreme Temperature Resistance

ThermoThin is uniquely designed to withstand temperatures from -150˚C to +300˚C to tackle your most demanding applications.

Space-Saving Construction

Up to 35% smaller in diameter than PTFE options, ThermoThin offers an ideal solution when space is at a premium.

Continuous length

Continuous length of 5000ft+ to decrease scrap

Environmental Resistance

Excellent sun, water and chemical resistance ensures consistent performance even when these hazards are present

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As an authorized distributor for Alpha Wire, Heilind Asia Pacific provides Alpha Wire’s products and also value added services. Heilind Asia supports both original equipment and contract manufacturers in all market segments of the electronics industry, stocking products from the industry’s leading manufacturers in 25 component categories, with a particular focus on interconnect, electromechanical, fastener/hardware and sensor products.

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