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element14 Community Offers Educational Resources for Students and Rising Engineers


Video tutorials, essentials courses and on-the-spot advice all available through the online community

As students go back to school virtually, element14, an Avnet Community, is offering resources and expertise to help designers, engineers and educators at every level brush up on basics and expand their skillsets through one-to-one support and multiple online resources.

“Our element14 Community consists of an incredibly smart and talented group of people who are always looking to learn something new and build their skillset,” said Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community and Social Media for the element14 Community. “As virtual learning continues, we’re glad to be able to support students as they head back to school with our many online courses, video tutorials and one-to-one support.”

The element14 Community provides a range of resources to support at all levels:

  • For students with some experience under their tool belts, the element14 Community offers its essentials courses, short self-paced online classes that allow designers of all ages to learn at their own pace and convenience. The courses cover electronics fundamentals, technologies and applications, serving as a refresher to help students ease out of the summer slump, and also a guide for learning new skills. Some of the most popular courses include overviews of connectors, IoT, sensors, programmable logic and more.
  • For educators looking for projects and ideas for the classroom, element14 offers the STEM Academy, designed to help anyone looking to explore learning concepts and classroom-based design projects within the electronics and digital space.
  • Designers looking to brush up and expand on their electronics knowledge as they head back to school can check out The Learning Circuit, an engaging video series that covers the essentials of electronics design and helps explain some of the fundamental components engineers need to master. In the series, host Karen Corbeill breaks down complex topics ranging from the fundamentals of circuits, to an overview of soldering, resistors, and more.
  • Additional courses are also available through live and on-demand workshops and webinars which cover electronics applications, products and technologies such as 3D Printing, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Artificial Intelligence and IoT.

Whether you are a graduate student looking for guidance around a thesis project, to parents or teachers helping to mentor the next generation of engineers, you can also visit the element14 Community for advice and support. Anyone signed up as a member of the element14 Community can reach out to their fellow community members for support and will typically receive a response within 24 hours.

To learn more about the educational resources offered by the element14 Community, visit the element14 website.

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