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ebooks launched by element14 and the element14 community to support innovation among engineers


The eBooks share some useful tips on Raspberry Pi and explain the concepts of the biggest technologies that will shape our future, in detail – 5G & AIoT.

element14 community members can download Raspberry Pi and 5G eBooks for free at https://www.element14.com/community/community/publications/ebooks . The AIoT book is available to download for free at https://in.element14.com/aiot-ebook-lp

element14, the Development Distributor has published a number of eBooks to educate users, develop their skills, and refresh their knowledge. The latest eBook in the market, published by element14 is called ‘The era of AIoT, context, capabilities and future of AIoT’. The other two books titled, ‘Essential Raspberry Pi tips’, and, ‘What you need to know about 5G’,are published by element14.com, an Avnet community. The element14 community is part of element14, which helps design engineers, makers, parents, and teachers develop the future generation of coders and products that apply technology to change our world for the better.

  •  Essential Raspberry Pi tips: In recent years, Raspberry Pi has transitioned from a tool for students & hobbyists to a viable option for many types of engineering projects. In order to support users and help them overcome challenges they might face as they get started developing projects with the Raspberry Pi, the element14 Community published this ‘Essential Raspberry Pi tips’ ebook. Cabe Atwellthe element14 contributor who authored the eBook said: “If you’re considering the Raspberry Pi because you are curious about electronics and coding, or even if you’re a practicing engineer, just go for it!.”
  • What you need to know about 5G: The second eBook by the community puts all the speculations around 5G to rest. The eBook covers the basic concepts of 5G, the 1G to 5G evolution, a comparison between different generations of cellular technology, and potential 5G applications. Dianne Kibbey, Head of community and social media for element14 said: “The element14 community aims to support engineers throughout their careers, and provide a range of ways in which they can develop their skills and refresh their knowledge. The size of the community, and the sheer number of publicly available forums, tutorials and projects means that you will be in good company as you explore and experiment.”
  • The era of AIoT, context, capabilities and future of AIoT: This ebook provides an in-depth roadmap of AI, explains the relation between AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) and available platforms to get users started with their first AI based IoT solution. Ankur Tomar, Technical Marketing Manager, element14 said: “Everyone is talking about how AI will revolutionise our lives.  The eBook explains AI, its types, capabilities and applications exhaustively for our readers.”

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