Diodes AM9468/AM9469 motor drivers highly integrated,simple solution for cooling fans and motor drive application


Diodes Incorporated presents their high-performance, low-noise, single-phase (single coil), brushless direct current (BLDC) driver solutions for fans and motors. The integrated, full-bridge driver output stage uses a BTL linear driver architecture to minimize audible switching noise and electromagnetic interference (EMI), providing a low-noise solution.

For system flexibility, motor speed can be controlled by an external PWM signal, a DC voltage, or from a thermistor network. Based on the input signal, AM9468/9 adjusts the output duty cycle.

To help protect the motor coil, the AM9468/9 provides rotor lock protection which shuts down the output drive if rotor lock is detected. The device automatically re-starts when the rotor lock is removed. In case of overvoltage, the device shuts down the output drive and enters standby mode to help prevent overvoltage stress on the coil. Overtemperature shutdown provides safe thermal protection.

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