How to Choose EMC Filters


Today’s industrial process technology is far more sensitive to electromagnetic disturbances creating the need for proper electromagnetic compatibility. In fact, guaranteeing good electromagnetic compatibility is paramount to ensure that all devices in an electrical environment don’t adversely affect the operation of others.

EMC auxiliary devices are used to enhance the EMC performance in the applications where power converters are used. These devices are important to enhance the EMC/EMI performance of any electric circuit.
Below we will review more details on EMC filters and why they are important for your DC/DC and AC/DC power supplies.

Aspects to Consider for Choosing an EMC Filter

EMC components are important to limit the conducted electromagnetic interference to a certain level or limit, while also solving the problem of electromagnetic compatibility. Specifically, EMC filters provide effective protection against the harmful impacts of electromagnetic interference, be it natural or human-made. EMC filters are important to suppress the electromagnetic noise transmitted through conduction while allowing desirable currents to flow freely.


EMC filters can be used in a wide range of applications, from industrial machinery to railway systems. To be used in each different environment, EMC filters need to comply with the requirements of global regulations and many industry standards. In the case of railway transit equipment, for example, EMC filters should meet the electromagnetic compatibility criteria specified in the EN50155 and EN50121-3-2 standards.

Besides complying with the relevant industry standards, engineers should also consider the electrical performance applied to an actual unit circuit. For this reason, rigorous EMC testing needs to be performed for selecting the most appropriate EMC auxiliary device. The test methods for EMC auxiliary devices can vary, spacing from basic performance testing (like efficiency tests) to more complex and more user-focused tests.

In the case of equipment with an integrated EMS function, engineers might want to save some costs and reduce the circuit volume by using an EMI filter instead. This way, it is possible to avoid the need for a large EMC device to solve the problem of electromagnetic compatibility, which would result in higher costs and large circuit volume.

Regardless of the specific applications or equipment requirements, EMC filters are essential components that help prevent interferences in machines and systems. Electrical engineers should select EMC filters with an excellent attenuation performance, like the ones from MORNSUN.

MORNSUN’s Solutions

Among MORNSUN’s wide solutions catalog, engineers can find a series of EMC auxiliary devices, which can be used in numerous applications. Some of the MORNSUN EMC auxiliary devices include high-reliability EMC filters, surge suppressors, pulse suppressors, EMI filters, and common mode filters.


All the MORNSUN EMC auxiliary devices are developed to optimize the stability of power systems. For example, the MORNSUN EMC filters are particularly suitable for railway applications where power reliability and high electrical component compatibility are must-haves. The MORNSUN EMC filters are designed to operate even under the extreme working conditions of railway applications and comply with safety standards (including the EN50155).

The MORNSUN’s EMC auxiliary devices also feature a compact size, high efficiency, and offer optional packages to help save the cost and design spaces of a system. Electrical engineers and designers can browse through the vast catalog of MORNSUN’s EMC auxiliary devices to select between the over 41 products available, spacing across six types and with options for specific industry-focused applications.


Following further industry technology development and product advancements, electrical circuits might experience more and more potentially undesirable interactions between the motors, controls, and machinery they are meant to power. By properly achieving electromagnetic compatibility, engineers can increase the reliability of the control systems in any equipment, thus lowering the chances of failure and poor performance.

With over 23 years of experience in the power supply industry, MORNSUN is the experienced power solutions manufacturer that can best understand and satisfy the needs for reliable and cost-effective performance of any electric circuit. MORNSUN’s power supply solutions space beyond EMC auxiliary devices and include many more electrical components. This comprehensive understanding of electrical circuits ensures that MORNSUN can support you in designing highly compatible and highly performing power supply systems.

Contact MORNSUN to request more information or a sample of our EMC auxiliary devices and other power supply components.

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