Non-isolated switching regulator

Non-isolated switching regulator with Ultra-wide input voltage range-1


With the rapid development of robotics, communication, and other industries, the market demand for non-isolated high-current power converters is increasing. MORNSUN launched KUBxx48EB(F)-10A series of non-isolated Buck-Boost modules and KJB48xxEB(F)-10/ 20A and KJB48xxSBO-10A series of Buck modules to meet the market demand.

These two series have the advantages of ultra-wide input voltage, low no-load power consumption, high efficiency and integrated multiple protection functions, which are the ideal choice for customers.

Non-isolated switching regulator with Ultra-wide input voltage range-2


Ultra-wide input voltage
KUBxx48EB(F): 14.5-90V
KJB48xxEB(F)/SBO: 14.5-85V
Accept a wide range of input voltage such as 24V/26V/48V/72V, reducing customer’s management cost of material.

Wide adjustable output voltage

KUBxx48EB(F) series accepts adjustable output voltage range of 20-55VDC.

Low no-load power consumption

KUBxx48EB(F): as low as 0.3W
KJB48xxEB(F)/SBO: as low as 0.096W
And the efficiency of these two series is both 98%
The extremely low no-load power consumption and high efficiency help customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

High reliability

The KUBxx48EB(F) series and KJB48xxEB(F)/SBO series have a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +105°C and integrate multiple protections of input under-voltage, short-circuit, output over-current, and output over-voltage. They also comply with reliable tests of damp heat and vibration. The encapsulating products are available in five-sided metal housings to meet the harsh working environment requirements of customers.


They can be widely used in robotics, communications, battery management, DC-DC distributed power supply, etc.

Non-isolated switching regulator with Ultra-wide input voltage range-3

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