Han® Domino Module / HPR Compact: The perfect pair for demanding applications and tight installation space


Space and weight savings of up to 50 % / Flexible scaling

Miniaturisation is a major long-term trend in manufacturing technology and automation: New components are expected to be more compact, but at least as powerful as the previous state of the art – and consume fewer resources at the same time. This is particularly true of the new Han-Modular® Domino modules that HARTING is presented at SPS 2022 in Nuremberg this month. These modular interfaces require only half the installation space of previous standard solutions. The housing concept of the Han® HPR Compact also follows this trend: It opens up savings opportunities for users with interfaces in harsh industrial environments. The housing is extremely robust and up to 25 % lighter and 20 % smaller than the previous standard. The combination of both components is unbeatable.

Han® HPR Compact enclosures save a fifth of the installation space compared to conventional solutions – thereby catering to the developers’ objectives of achieving maximum transmission capability in a limited space. What’s more, the compact enclosures can even grow with their tasks – also after their installation if required. For modifications, 3 cm high extender frames are available for modifications, allowing flexible and uncomplicated scaling. This means that even in difficult locations – for example on offshore platforms, in high-current applications in industry or in the generation and storage of energy from hydrogen – there will be sufficient scope for optimal connector configurations.

This is best achieved in combination with the modular Han® Domino modules. Their miniaturisation enables the reduction of the total number of interfaces in an application area down to the absolute minimum. Thanks to the halved mating face compared with the previous standard Han-Modular®, the “Dominos” can accommodate twice as many transmission types or different power and voltage levels in the housing of one size.

The plug-in face of the Domino module consists of two parts, two “cubes”, in which contact chambers are embedded. The format supports the configuration of customised connectors that are precisely tailored to the particular requirements of a specific application. Power, signals, data or compressed air, as well as male and female contacts can be all combined in one holding frame. Consequently, the connection technology can become more compact and lighter. Thanks to the combination of Domino modules and HPR Compact, the installation space required for transmission in the lifelines shrinks to a minimum.


  • Space savings & weight reduction
  • Coding integrated into the housing, without loss of space
  • Choice of 45° and 90° degree cable outlets
  • Enables applications that cannot be realised with standard solutions
  • Greater modularity and flexibility than standard solutions thanks to Han® Domino modules
  • Extension of the cabling space in the carrier housing with extender frame

Caption: The combination of Han® Domino Module and Han® HPR Compact achieves optimal compact dimensions for interfaces in harsh environments.



Caption: 3 cm high extender frames enable flexible and uncomplicated scaling of the Han® HPR Compact enclosures.


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