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Join Analog Devices at MWC 2023 and Experience the Future of Connectivity Today


Analog Devices, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADI) invites the public to experience the future of connectivity today through interactive demonstrations and expert discussions at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023. Visit Hall 2, Booth #2B18 to learn how ADI aims to minimize environmental impact, enable and accelerate breakthrough innovations, and enrich customers’ lives through solutions which reduce energy consumption, shorten design cycles, and enable the future of work.

ADI’s solutions enable customers to deliver innovative, advanced Radio Units (RUs) faster using conformance tested reference design platforms with commercial grade RU IP. ADI’s experts will be on hand to discuss RAN energy saving solutions and demonstrate platform interoperability. Furthermore, ADI’s Consumer team will demonstrate their latest innovations in connectivity with applications such as mixed reality (MR) headsets and audible wearables.

Radio unit demonstration highlights:

  • ADI’s next-generation massive MIMO (mMIMO) Reference Design with 40% power savings – This 32Tx/32Rx mMIMO radio unit reference design is based on the latest ADI RadioVerse® ADRV904x system on chip (SoC) with fully integrated digital front end and collaborator’s advanced baseband processor. This design solution provides 40% power savings compared to competing solutions, enabling lighter, smaller radios and faster time to market.
  • Creatingmore sustainable networks with advanced micro-sleep modes – Since the Radio Access Network (RAN) consumes 70% to 80% of total network energy, energy savings modes are critical to reducing the carbon footprint across 5G networks and lowering OPEX spending. ADI RadioVerse solutions provide the path forward to meeting the upcoming 3GPP Rel. 18 network energy saving (NES) modes for 5G RAN. See how these potential energy savings are realized in an interactive model of micro-sleep and hibernation modes across multiple Open Remote Unit (O-RU) configurations.
  • Next-generation 5G mmWave beamforming platform – Upgrade macro, small cell, and indoor 5G deployments across the entire 24 to 47GHz bands. This 8T8R 400 MHz solution highlights ADI’s latest O-RAN 7.2 split compliant mmWave reference platform, with a proven 25% efficiency improvement in analog beamforming based entirely on ADI silicon solutions.

In a world where virtual connections are increasingly part of everyday life, ADI will present several advancements in consumer technology which enrich the sensory experience with realistic human interactions:

  • MR headset: Enabling the future of work with the MetaverseIntegrating emerging virtual worlds into everyday lives take a huge technological effort: Intelligent Edge devices, 5G/6G infrastructure, and the green energy to power it all. ADI advancements are making this possible.
  • Hearable solutions: Life, exactly how it is supposed to soundFiltering out, amplifying, or enhancing the sounds of life when appropriate helps people experience perfect sound, every day. Context-aware, hearable solutions change how people work, play, and rest from anywhere.
  • USB-C fast charging, battery insights, and protection: Fast charging your life’s work Improving charging efficiency puts less wear on batteries and extends the lifespan of devices. USB-C fast charging technology keeps phones, headphones, or gaming devices going at the speed of daily life, with the highest efficiency and safety in the smallest footprint.

For details about ADI’s O-RU Radio Platform, visit ADI’s O-RU Radio Platform web page. The interoperability proven platform with fully functional end to end calls is on display at Mobile World Congress (MWC) within ADI’s booth (Hall 2, 2B18). For more information, visit ADI’s MWC web page.

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