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Analog Devices Announces Condition-Based Monitoring Development Platform

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Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) introduced today a complete condition-based monitoring (CbM) development platform designed to help accelerate condition monitoring hardware, software, and algorithm development.  CN0549 provides mechanically secure, wide bandwidth sensor data with robust, high fidelity data acquisition.  The development platform’s open source software interfaces simplify connectivity from embedded systems to popular data analysis tools, such as MATLAB® and Python.  CN0549 enables real-time vibration data processing to accelerate the development of machine learning algorithms for predictive maintenance services.  The flexibility of this platform allows engineers of all disciplines to accelerate their condition monitoring developments and significantly reduce development costs and risk with CN0549.

  • Download circuit note:
  • Watch a video about the circuit note: CN0549: Condition-Based Monitoring Development Platform | Analog Devices
  • Learn more about ADI’s CbM Development Platforms
  • Connect with engineers and ADI product experts on EngineerZone™, an online technical support community:

Reference Design Key Features:

  • Wide-bandwidth (DC to 10 kHz) MEMS vibration sensor, compatible with existing piezoelectric IEPE compliant interfaces.
  • Characterized mechanical mounting cube that enables full-bandwidth mechanical transfer function of the MEMs vibration sensor.
  • A wide bandwidth, high fidelity data acquisition system reference design, for IEPE compatible sensors.
  • Embedded gateway with industry standard open source software for data processing
  • Stream vibration data into popular machine learning environments such as MATLAB, TensorFlow, and other Python based tools for algorithm development using step-by-step examples.

Pricing and Availability

Product Full



Price Each Detail
EVAL-CN0532-EBZ NOW $75 IEPE-Compatible Interface for Wideband MEMS Accelerometer Sensor
EVAL-XLMOUNT1 NOW $85 Mechanically optimized mounting block for MEMs accelerometer boards
EVAL-CN0540-ARDZ NOW $150 24-Bit Data Acquisition System for IEPE Sensors


Cora Z7-07s

NOW $130



FPGA Development Boards available through Distribution partners.




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