Amphenol Aerospace Dualok 38999 Series III Type Connectors


Amphenol Dualok  38999 series III connectors are the most prominent features that has been newly developed and Taken as mechanism to ensure solid metal to metal bottoming in case of severe vibrations in the environment.  this has been designed to with stand relatively any vibration level that exceeds MIL DTL  38999 level.  these connectors are taking all the responsibility to meet the standards of B3 8999 receptacles and utilizing De De 3 899 insert.  these connectors are basically made up of aluminium bronze material, Steel, aluminium in the size of 7- 25.

some of the features that this Amphenol Dualok  Aerospace 38999 series connector exhibit as follows:

  • It needs BIS standards of d 38999 receptacles and insert

  • it will be available inderscience pattern of 7-

  • this is basically made up of stainless steel or aluminium

  • the stainless steel will be providing a weight saving of up to 42%

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