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Intel. Samsung,Western Digital are put funding in quick memory start-up company


Intel and Samsung have established another quick memory access technology and have made deal expenditure in the company behind it.

Western Digital has ventured into US-based Kazan Networks that has $4.5 million equity financing.

Datacentre storage and cloud service farms is used solid-state drives (SSDs) for the communications interface technology .

Kazan Networks has built up a sub-1us latency method for linking non-volatile memory express (NVMe) over Fabrics storage, as tested at last years Intel Developers Forum, to racks of servers in the datacentre

It is an Ethernet-based interface that utilizations RDMA speeding up. Synchronous RoCE and iWARP support implies customers need not stress over picking one protocol over the other.

NVMe was created in 2010 as a high speed interface for solid-state storage devices as a contrasting option to legacy device interconnects,, for example, Fibre Channel, SAS, or SATA. dependent into the PCI
Express technology roadmap it takes advantage of the parallelism of solid state devices.

NVMe over Fabrics is a key enabler to support attaching thousands of NVMe SSDs in modern rack-scale designs,” said Amber Huffman, Intel Fellow in the Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group at Intel Corporation and chair of NVMe Workgroup.

Kazan has been a leader in the standards definition, and their products enable the ecosystem to connect storage to the fabrics in an integrated manner.”

“Raising money these days is not trivial, yet we ended up with an over-subscribed round, which I think speaks to the strength of both the team and our product direction,” said Joe Steinmetz, CEO of Kazan Networks. “This round sets us up nicely to continue to grow the team and execute our roadmap through 2016 and beyond.

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