Mouser – Tiny high-accuracy ambient light sensors feature easy-to-use I2C interface (Vishay VEML7700-TR)


Vishay’s High accuracy ambient light sensor  are now available by Mouser. Its features and easy to use I2C  interface that is bad in a miniature transparent packaging.  this particular digital sensor is holding a high sensitive photodiode that has low noise amplifier and a 16 bit analogue to digital converter.  it operates on 2.5 volt- 3.6 volt along with an I2C  Bus that has voltage range  that is 1.7 volt-  3 volt.


Application areas where the sensor that provide some additional ambient light functions in case of temperature compensation and high dynamic detection resolution for the mobile devices such as smartphones PDA,  GPSa,  touch screen .  for the dimming  of backlight  that has optical switching for consumer,  com puting  and other displays.


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