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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor handles high ripple current


Ever know about a toroidal-molded capacitor? Another aluminum electrolytic sort, the UTOR arrangement, utilizes a toroidal shape with a specific end goal to handle a high speed current. The center of the capacitor can be cooled by constrained air, a heatsink, or by liquid convection. A definitive reason for the configuration is to trim down the extent of numerous inverters and large power supplies. Less capacitors can be utilized while as yet keeping the same or a higher current ability. Another advantage of the outline is a long valuable life. The capacitors have an appraised lifetime of 5000 hours at 105°C with the full evaluated ripple current applied.. UTOR capacitors are accessible from 350 to 450 vdc with capacitance ranging from 1500 to 6800 mF. Price range is $30 to $75 each/1000 . Delivery is from stock to six weeks.

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