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MRAM solutions for automotive systems


Automotive electronics systems require faster and more reliable persistent memory solutions to meet the need for data recording and fast data processing. Looking to satisfy these needs, Everspin has added two devices to its high performance MRAM automotive product line. The 16Mbit MRAM is now specified to operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 125°C and is available in x8 and x16 configurations.

With a read and write cycle time of 45ns and with a parallel asynchronous SRAM-like interface, the 16Mbit automotive MRAM is said to provide a high performance, high reliability persistent memory solution. Meanwhile, Everspin is also introducing a 128kbit SPI MRAM in Grade 1 and Grade 3 (-40 to 105°C) versions. The serial interface MRAM fits in an 8pin DFN package and offers high speed writes, unlimited endurance and high reliability, but in a small footprint. Scott Sewell, vice president of sales and marketing, said: “System designers are turning to MRAM for use across all of the functions in the automobile and these products give them a wider choice of density and performance while simplifying system design.

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