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High power, slim converters for demanding railway applications

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Recently Powerbox has launched the two new products that are related to the railway DC/ Dc  power converter series of ENAR150D. This product is fairly claimed to provide 93 percent of efficiency and thus by saving energy and giving more  power to the confined environment. This ENAR150D series  is highly efficient in terms of power saving mode and thus has a optimized topology that will reduce the component count  will be increased to 25 percent as compared to the other topological components and thus will be also improving the MTBF that is mean time Between failure .
These two components added in the series that are ENAR150D24 and  ENAR150D110 will be delivering 150 W of teh output power that has been closed in a  162 x 111 x 18.5mm package for low profile applications. The devices also employ planar-on-board technology,thus it will improve power dissipation and robustness  and operate across a temperature range of -40 to 70°C.


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