Gen H-4 Copter



Gennai Yanagisawa has invented what we call as the world’s smallest one man helicopter. This is named as GEN H -4 that weighs just 75 kilograms that is approximately 165 lbs. it is aluminum frames copter that is having a twin rotors to power it up by two 10HP engines in it. This engine is independent of the ignition. It is having a carburetor and a starter and also a clutch in it . It is capable to fly with a single engine also thus probability of total engine failure is null and remote. But just to add to its safety it comes with a ballistic parachute.

To simply fly the copter it will take a requirement of a seat belt to grab and have the control positioned just in front of you that will handle the bars and the displays a tachometer. To just fly forward you need to pull the handle towards you and to go down you need to pull it away. And move right ad left as necessary .

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