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TTI Europe – High-efficiency switching power supplies satisfy many needs (Murata MVAD160-24)


The MVAD160  Cds have been launched by TTI  that is a switching power supply for the advanced components circuit Technology That will provide efficiency to a greater extent. It is basically design for application in the field of medical, Telecom And in the industrial applications to take over satisfactory design considerations. This MVAD160 Series will be measuring 2.0″ x 4.0″ x 1.5″. All these models will be providing the user flexibility For all the AC input And to be compliant with the EMC standards of safety .

Some of the features and benefits are as follows:

1 . It will provide 110 watt of operating temperature range

2. it has passed VIT and medical safety approval and cooling conditions

3.  it is 2 inches* 4 inches standard footprint

4.  it also has high efficiency of 93 percent


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