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Ultra-miniature connector from Fischer

Fischer MiniMaxTM Series - MiniMax 06_12pin_10x10cm_300dpi_popup

Fischer  connectors have introduced the whole new Ultra miniature connector to which they called as minimax 06 that will be extending the miniature high density product range of the minimax series of the company which can include 12 hours and signal contacts in the footprint of 10 millimetre which is claim to be a unique technological future for the connector to standard the 0.5 millimetres contacts and provide high power 1.3 millimetre contacts for various applications in its product line .The connector is also available as a pre-cabled solution, making it suitable for handheld or body-worn applications where space is particularly limited e.g. defence & security, instrumentation, testing equipment, civil or military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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