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u-blox announces its association with the Fleetlights Initiative from UK’s Direct Line Insurance


u-blox announces its association with the Fleetlights Initiative from UK’s Direct Line Insurance. The prototype service aims to provide ”on-demand” light from a fleet of drones when and where it’s needed, to individuals and emergency services, at the press of a button.

u-blox’s M8 concurrent reception of up to 3 GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou) modules were used in the development of the drone technology. The modules provide accurate positioning to the formation of multiple drones that can travel up to 30 mph while maintaining a distance of only approximately 2 m between the drones.

Gary Howell, a technical specialist from the collaborative team between Morgan Walsh Consultancy, SkyTec and Droneshop, said: “Super accurate GNSS positioning was vital to the safe operation of the drones. u‑blox’s high performing GNSS module NEO-M8N provided a highly configurable and reliable source of real-time positioning to allow us to confidently fly the drones at high speed in close formation. In testing of the new high precision NEO-M8P module with integrated RTK, we measured GNSS accuracy to within 2 cm horizontally and 1 cm vertically which is a significant advance over the normal 2 m accuracy of standard GPS”

Watch the Fleetlights Video:

And Behind the scenes:


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