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Safe and Durable Lithium–Sulfur Batteries at high temperature


Lithium–sulfur (Li–S) battery is a promising high energy storage competitor in electric vehicles. Nonetheless, the usually utilized ether based electrolyte does not empower to acknowledge safe high-temperature Li–S batteries because of the low boiling and flash temperatures. Customary carbonate based electrolyte acquires safe physical properties at high temperature however does not finish reversible electrochemical response for most Li–S batteries. Here we understand safe high temperature Li–S batteries on all inclusive carbon–sulfur cathodes by atomic layer kept (MLD) alucone covering. Sulfur cathodes with MLD covering finish the reversible electrochemical procedure in carbonate electrolyte and and exhibit a safe and ultrastable cycle life at high temperature, which guarantee practicable Li–S batteries for electric vehicles and other extensive scale energy storage system.

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