Internet of Things

All-in-one IoT prototyping board accessible from Conrad Business Supplies


Another prototyping platform has been added to Conrad’s quickly developing range of more than 5,000 development kits and accessories. . The XDK 110 is a cross-domain hardware and software kit from Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH It incorporates different MEMS sensors for measuring acceleration, rotation and magnetic fields, as well as humidity, pressure, temperature, acoustic and digital light

The XDK 110 gives a compelling method for making and testing new devices and technologies for the IoT and empowers a quick and easy start to mass production.

The kit is compact measuring only 60mm x 40mm x 22mm, and the XDK 110 can without much of a stretch be retrofitted to electronic devices and appliances of almost any size. It highlights various connectivity options, including USB, Bluetooth and WLAN which makes it simple to interface it to PCs, cell phones and tablets either remotely or by means of cable. The XDK’s functionality can likewise be extended further by utilising an expansion board, which is included, to integrate new features.

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