Autonomous vehicle processor developed by ETRI

autonomous vehicle processor

Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)’s Researchers have developed processor used for autonomous vehicles.

High performance processor that is called Aldebaran.Aldebaran consists of four superscalar processors and an object recognition vision engine integrated to meet all functional safety requirements as specified by ISO 26262 – an international standard concerning the functional safety of electrical/electronic systems in production automobiles.

Aldebran takes data from components (e.g. radar, lidar, ultrasound, etc.) and processes the data to control the system.Aldebaran consists of 32 KB / 32KB cache memory, and a memory management unit (MMU) for virtual memory operation, with an emphasis on implementing an ultra-low power processor core.

Aldebaran processor consumes low power compared to other processor. Aldebaran processor consumes 100 times less power compared to autonomous vehicle processors.One core in the Aldebaran processor consumes 0.24 watts at 1GHz and less than 1.0 watt when all four are operational.

The ETRI researchers said “We have done verification of the chips  with general operating systems such as Linux and RTOS, and created a developer friendly software development kit (SDK) that includes a C / C ++ compiler. ”

Aldebaran was manufactured 28nm CMOS process technology, and exhibited a 1.0 GHz operating frequency and 4.0 GOPS performance in actual operation verification while demonstrating the highest power efficiency in the industry at 0.24 mW/MHz.

In collaboration with autonomous vehicle manufacturers, the Aldebaran processor was installed on an actual vehicle for steering control via image recognition, lane detection, lane recognition result analysis, and CAN.

Sources :ETRI

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