Mouser – Versatile RF switch covers broad frequency range of 300kHz to 8000MHz (IDT F2923NCGI)


This particular versatile RF  switch has been designed for all the wireless and RF applications that will be having a longer and broader frequency range of 300 kilohertz to 8000 megahertz. This  IDT’s F2923 SP2T RF  switch is now readily available on the Mouser  stock. Particularly PF2923  is bean design to provide a low insertion loss, And industry isolation for 2 gigahertz along with brilliant linearity.  The switch has a very low 0.48dB @ 2GHz insertion loss with a high 66dB @ 2GHz input IP3.

It also includes constant impedance features that is required to minimize the LO pulling in the VCO,  further this will reduce the amplitude and phase variations over the  distributed network.  The switch will be particularly ideal for all the switching and selection processes between the two or more amplifiers and will definitely avoid the damage under the sensitive dreams wild up and down like PAs and ADCs.


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