Mouser – New 2 x 16 character slim OLED glass display with LCD comparable controller (Newhaven Display NHD-0216MW-AB3)


Mouser Is now having stocks of New Haven displays  that are slim design OLED Glass display that is being built with a LCD compatible controller. This  NHD-0216MW-AB3 2 x 16  character slim OLED  Glass display features display work with 2.8 volt or 5 volt systems that are RoHS  compliant. It provides A4/8  bit parallel SPI and i2c MTU interface.  it has four built in font tables, 3 volt or 5 volt supply providing high contrast of10000:1  ratio.  it has a 24bit FFC  connector.  it is displaying in blue colour with 2×16 character OLED glass



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