Mouser – Complete development platform for the EFR32 Blue Gecko wireless SoC (Silicon Labs SLWSTK6020A)


Mouser has provided a whole new complete development platform that is known as EPR32  blue geeco energy friendly wireless system on chip SoC .  this is basically Silicon Labs SLWSTK6020A  Wireless starter cake Dad will be now  available with Mouser.  This SLWSTK6020A   Is occupied with a main board that has Ajay link debugger installed on board. SLWSTK6020A   also provides with a solution to advanced energy monitor that will be applicable for the  real time current and voltage monitoring processes,  virtual com port interface and also access to the packet tracer interface PTI.
It is a 2.4 gigahertz 10.5 dBm  radio  board that can directly plug into  the onboard and start featuring RF interface and EFR32  Excel. it has all the debugging features functionality that can be utilise for the radio board , AEM , VCOM and PTI .


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