Mouser – Clock generator offers fractional-N frequency synthesizer with integrated VCO (Texas Instruments LMK03318RHST)


Mouser Has recently stock  the Texas Instrument LMK03318 Ultra-Low-Noise PLLatinum clock generator That is basically a fractional and frequency synthesizer along with  an integrated VCO.  This device is basically flexible with the clock distribution for the fan out constraint,  that  has a selectable configuration of the pin that has to be stored on chip EPP ROM.  this device will be used to generate multiple clothes for different types of digital devices and multi gigabit serial interfaces.

 it will also inturn reduce the BOM Cost and will provide improve reliability and efficiency by installing multiple oscillators and clock distribution devices.  this Ultra low jitter will also reduce the bit error rate that is very high in high speed serial links.  Link application area where the also low noise floor generator will used in switch and Router Net cards, in the server and storage systems along with wireless based stations.  It’s  evaluation module  is available with Mouser .


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