Smart Contact Lens Developer Challenges Google


EPGL Medical Sciences, a Califoria based biomedical device manufacturing and marketing company has challenged Google over the technological advancement of it’s new Smart Contact Lens. The company claims to hold extremely valuable patents and is seeking for an update from Google on the glucose sensor contact lens it announced last year.

The move appears to be part of a fund raising exercise by the company. “We are actively seeking potential partners in what could become a very significant revenue space in the next several years; the ‘augmented reality’ or ‘bionic vision’ revolution is beginning,” claimed Dr David Markus, the company’s vice president of BioMems. “We believe EPGL will be a major player in this space going forward.”

The company boasts of the milestone advancement it has achieved despite its small market share as compared to the gaint Google. Due to the valued potential of the patents for these smart lens, the market is predicted to be extremely large in years to come.

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