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Wi-Fi at 10,000 times lower power

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University of Washington claims to have some of the scientists and computer engineers working over a WiFi transmission that will be using around 10,000 times less power than all the conventional methods used out there. This passive WiFi system takes up 1000 times less power than the current efficient methods and device it self such as that of Bluetooth and Zigbee. This team has teamed up to allow to transit the WiFi signals at the 11mbit/sec of speed that is meant to be decoded on any of the WiFi device across the world.
To make this possible the team was required to decouple the  digital and analogue operations involved in radio transmissions. For over 20 years it ha been the best energy efficient but still consumes the power.. It also have some functions such as prproducing a signal at a specific frequency – to a single device in the network that is plugged into the wall.


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