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The iron stepping stones to better wearable tech without semiconductors




More versatile wearable devices are needed to mead todays requirement thus a new technology has evolved that takes up the devices dotted with iron. These iron dotted boron nitride devices nanotubes is been made in the Yoke Klin Yaps lab that will be enhancing the quality of wearable devices . The dots will be arranged on boron nitride nanotubes called BNNTs. This new product will be thus used as new era devices equipment as published in the Scientific reports last week.


The basic process for doing it is the fundamental base of the transistors is been creating a new series of the stepping stones for the quantum tunneling . Earlier they have tried to use gold for the tunneling and dotting process on the BNNt line . With enough energy potential, the electrons are repelled by the insulating BNNT and hopscotch from gold dot to gold dot. This electron movement is called quantum tunneling.

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