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REM Switch chip and RapID Platform support ModbusTCP

REM Switch chip and RapID Platform support ModbusTCP_popup

Innovasic has recently updated its portfolio fo rthe Fido 5000 real time Ethernet  by a Multi protocol REM switch clip that has a RapID platform network interface solution to support the Modbus TCP. This fido 5000 REM will be configuring the software driver as a motobus device TCP that is although claimed to provide two port Ethernet cycle times that are less than 500µs.The RapID Platform – ModbusTCP Network Interface is delivered as a module or embedded design that supports cycle times down to 1ms.

REM switches will be providing the processor a ready to use Modbus TCP solution taht will perform all necessary functional codes. Additionally, an embedded webserver allows users to view or edit network parameters and I/O data via customisable webserver content.



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