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Multi-GNSS receiver with embedded security


Recently alpha Micro has released the u blox M8 that is a firmware , it is a multi receiver GNSS platform that has -167dBm of sensitivity thus providing a 2m position accuracy as well. This device has been particularly designed to get the OEMs more advanced in the drive recorder and all the emergency call systems along with drone positioning , all those application that requires accuracy positioning. This upgraded U box will be showing its claimed specification by reducing the overall power consumption  totally by 10 percent in the previous firmware and the six global variants as well GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS, SBAS and Galileo. It is also able to track up to three constellations concurrently and makes full use of SBAS and QZSS augmentation systems.

Additionally,this M8 supports the Russian and European emergency call systems ERA-GLONASS and eCall, which will be required in all new vehicles from 2018.


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