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Cypress Semiconductor has recently  introduced a series from its PSoC 4 programmable system-on-chip architecture that will be its migration from 8 to 16 bit MCU based embedded system that will work on 32 bit ARM platform.This PSoc is basically a 4 S series device that will be suitable for all the industrial systems that have hands in wearable and all the consumer applications.  This PSoC is normally integrated with ARM Cortex M0+ , 16 to 64 bytes flash memory that will used in 36 general purpose I/Os along with Cypress’s CapSense capacitive-sensing technology. These series are generally claimed to provide more better reliability and user interface along with a con tactless sensing solution of the liquid sensing technique.

It will also be cost competitive that will work with 8 and 16 bits products and will provide the engineers with a programmable analogue box of seven and nine programmable digital blocks to create new, differentiating features.





As per the specifications Automotive electronics systems require faster and more reliable persistent memory solutions  so as to meet the data processing at a faster pace. Recently Everspin has deduced a way to combat the same by adding two of its newly manufactured devices to its high performance MRAM series platform . This product is a 16 bit MRAM that has a range of temperature ranging from -40 to 125°C for its operations and is available in x8 and x16 configurations.

It has a read and write cycle time of 4ns that is comparatively relay faster and asynchronous just with SRAM interfaces. It is claimed to provide a high performance and more reliable solution to memory management.Everspin will alos be introducing a serial interface that will be MRAM in 8 pins DFN package that will write at really high speed . .


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