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The M12 Power L-coded provide more power


The new HARTING M12 Power provide adequate power for energy hungry applications in the field – while boasting a smaller design footprint. Steady standardisation and new encoding permit users to save on space and additionally interfaces.

HARTING has participated in the development of new industry standards in order to make manufacturer-neutral mating faces a reality. The resulting new IEC 61067-2-111 standard is the basis for future M12 Power connector solutions.

The new universal mating face with, L-coding has also emerged  from the adopted standard. At 63V/16A, the 5-pin L-coding accomplishes 0.75kW of power, making it perfect for little servo  motors, field distribution boxes, field-bus-controlled I/O boxes, power supply devices and valve applications.

The HARAX IDC connectors and 360° shielded crimp terminals are available for straight male/female versions.

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