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Low power sub GHz radio for industrial applications


Microsemi has recently launched and unveiled a new low power RF trans receiver that will be useful in the medical applications. It is basically a low power sub GHz trans receiver that is termed as ZL70550 thus bringing the best in class specifications and characteristics for the small footprints. According to the Director of the product line Francois Pelletier, These devices will be using the band and the implantable technology as well thus a chip is developed with same features and terminology specifications.
It will be operating in the band of ranging from 779 to 965MHz and with a range of up to 200m, the ZL70550 consumes 2.8mA while transmitting at -10dBm and consumes 2.5 mA during reception. Successfully some of the pacemakers have been designed to leverage the intellectual properties needed for the extended range in some of the application on demand.
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