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How small diameter electrolytic capacitors in power supplies can impact reliability and cost


Recently a member of TDK-Lambda’s technical marketing team has experienced first-hand to take small diameter electrolytic capacitors that will have a relatively long term power reliability . He has holded on to February for the heating system upgrade but eventually it snow and the system needed to be shut down . This 7 year boiler was off for two days and the radiators were also replaced . Later it  also failed to start. An additional cost of  £200-300 was mentioned that was terrific for the technician. Thus the technician moved up and showed every possible component on board . As it was seen that the boiler had to turn off in summers without any issues that wit was cold weather only that was causing problem .

Thus a new  ZMS100 power supply is taken out to add to the product design and also a heater was brought to used to be a heater to warm up the small electrolytic capacitor to control the power. IC.Once the ambient temperature had risen, within 20 seconds the boiler started, suitably impressing the technician.


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