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High temperature rated capacitors

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Dielectric Laboratories (DLI), which is a  a Knowles brand, has recently  announced that it has launched many  specification extensions to its ultra-low ESR and high Q MLC capacitors. For these cases the temperature performances was the key tone and scope that has been now increased to the level of 175°C giving applications and engineers more scope. This is a new improved version of the TCC that is the temperature coefficient of Capacitance that has a dielectric capacitor in a proceline case size C17 that has compatibility with many applications for deigning the oscillators . timing filters and the RF amplifiers as well.

These devices can fairly operate in the level up to 500Vdc that can have teh capacitance of  0.3 to 47pF, extending to 100pF if de-rated to 200Vdc.


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