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Graphene ‘moth eye’ inspired material is the most light-absorbent material for its weight


Researchers at the University of Surrey’s Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) have recently got inspired from the nature to create a very sophisticated  ultra-thin graphene sheets that are basically designed to capture light more effectively.  This technique that is commonly known as  nanotexturing, will provide the researchers to show how a graphene can be changed and  manipulated to create the most light-absorbent material for its weight. This is basically nanometre-thin material that is readily applicable for the  future applications such as ‘smart wallpaper’ that can generate electricity from waste light or heat, and power a host of IoT applications.
Graphene has been known for years to absorb the light just to combat this property a narrow space texture is created to increase the light amount been absorbed to 90 percent. According to the survey that the team has done it will be implemented in the next generation technologies as well.



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