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First air quality sensor to distinguish PM2.5, pollen and dust

First air quality sensor to distinguish PM2_popup



Mitsubishi Electric has recently developed high precision air quality sensors along with claimed to detect a fine particle measuring no more than a 2.5 micro meter diameter that is called PM 2.5 . It is also capable of measuring all the particulate matter. It has been scattered and still measured in a double sized mirror design as well. This PM 2.5 is said to be causing air pollution . Its shape is discriminately alogorithm between the pollen and the dust particles. It has increased the air pollution to a greater level At present, however, high-precision sensors for PM2.5 are large and expensive, limiting their applications to commercial use only.

Mitsubishi’s air-quality sensor prototype will be having a laser diode and will be taking aspheric lens and a light controlling mirror as well.

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