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Compact, low-power receiver for energy-limited RF applications

Compact low-power receiver for energy-limited RF applications_popup



Radiometrix has came up with a new receiver that will be claiming to consume mess than a 1mA. It will be in always on state functionality to limit the solar and battery operated equipment that too without drowning the excessive power source and thus limiting the operation. It will measure 59 x 38 x 7mm, and thus   RX1L is suitable for space-constrained applications such as data logging, industrial telemetry, smart-building controllers, security or fire-safety.

This is following all the industry standards footprints and is very simplified in designing.  This will be supplying voltage range in the  of about 3.1 V to 9Vdc thus it can powered from various volt sources. This module also encompasses the high immunity to the external intyerferance and is complaint to the  ETSI EN 300 220-2 (radio) and EN 301 489-3 (EMC) standards.

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