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Automotive grade MLCCs with high operating temperatures

Automotive grade MLCCs with high operating temperatures_popup

Murata has recently released the GCB designseries of the monolithic ceramic capacitors that are MLCC that was designed for all the automotive applications. It will be used in the electronic components that automobiles will posses that will be present inside the engine compartments to drive safety measures. It is supposed to posses high level of temperature controlling and reliability so as to meet all  the specification. This GCB series will have temperature range of about 200 degree Celsius and is readily claimed to have boosted and bonded with it.
The GCB series features a capacitance range of 1000pF to 0.47µF in 0402 and 0603 size. They have operating temperature ranges of -55 to 150°C (X8R), -55 to 200°C (X9M), and have a working voltage of 10 to 100Vdc.
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