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Automotive EDLC protection ICs for cell-balancing and overcharge protection

Automotive EDLC protection ICs for cell balancing and overcharge protection_popup

SII Semiconductor that is a subsidiary Seiko Industry has recent;y came up with the release of the S 19190 Series of the automotive EDLC that is a  (electric double-layer capacitor) protection IC infact that will be featured in the role of cell balancing and thus protecting the functions . It will be used up in applications such as EDLC modules and rechargeable battery modules in demanding automotive environments. The S-19190 Series is basically claimed to readily  protect EDLC cells just by detecting all overcharging conditions and thus balancing the cell levels . This is designed in a way to call for the many cells .
It will be available in 2.8 x 2.9 x 1.3mm SOT-23-6 package and will have a overcharge protection voltage set at 2.0 to 4.6V in 5mV. As the automotive industry is increasing and expanding day by day the offerings will be immensely useful and ill be increasing the efficiency to a greater level during regenerative energy.


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