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5D data storage can store 360Tbytes of data for 13.8bn years

5D data storage can store 360Tbytes of data for 13bn years_popup

At the University of  Southampton few of the scientists have taken a vital step forward in the pavement of development of a digital  data storage that will be  capable of surviving for billions of years.They have used nano structured glass for their motive that has been taken from ORC and has recorded a process a five dimensional digital data processing from the femtosecond laser writing. This is one of the  ultrahigh speed fastest laser that produces short but intense pulses of light and writes the data in the three layers of the structure . . this was made possible by the size and structure of the Nanoglass and the capability of the laser to write upto three layers.
This gives the storage of 360TBytes disc data capacity, with thermal stability up to 1000°C and virtually unlimited lifetime at room temperature – 13.8billion years at 190°C. According to the researchers it is claimed that the data entered in the device will be stable and safe in all forms of portability .
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