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100V MOSFET H-bridge reduces board space

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Diodes incorporation has recently introduced the  DMHC10H170SFJ in the family of the 100 V full H bridge dual channel and P channel MOSFET that has a 5 x 4.5mm DFN5045 package. This will be reducing the board space of the component on the board thus will be used in applications such as array of the ultrasonic transducers that will be in the inseption systems to be found in the marine sonar equipment’s. Some of the other common equipment’s being the DC motors in the telecom fans and other wireless charging pads.


This device is equipped with a 100V drian source known as BVDSS that is all sufficient to headroom to support the 48V telecom rails and the related industrial applications. The DMHC10H170SFJ is able to replace four SOT23 or two SO-8 packages, which enables compact arrays of multiple ultrasonic transducers

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