Petrol price in Delhi up by 96 paise a litre, diesel by 53 paise


Petrol prices in Delhi on Tuesday has been hiked by 96 paise per litre and diesel by 53 paise per litre this has been done after the state government has raised the VAT locally on the two of the fuels. It was last night when Delhi Government raised the VAT on the Petrol to its 27 percent that resulted in a 96 paise a litre uplift on the pump rates. similarly the VAT was applied on the other fuel by 18 percent that accounted for 0.25 levy on diesel.

Petrol now costs Rs 59.99 per litre as against Rs 59.03 a litre previously. A litre of diesel now costs Rs 44.71 as opposed to Rs 44.18 previously.

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