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LACROIX and Witekio, a partnership deliver industrial IoT


LACROIX,European partner in electronics manufacturing services has established  partnership with Witekio during the Electronica Trade Fair. this partnership provide “turnkey” solutions to clients incorporating expertise in the development and production of electronic assemblies.

This partnership enables in various fileds who enable it to offer innovative customised solutions to end customers while improving competitiveness and time to market. This program likewise empowers technical expertise to be pooled and comprehensive electronic solutions for be proposed.Lacroix Electronics and MicroEJ had already established partnership programme in  January 2016, enables for developing smart connected electronic products, all based  on low cost, low-energy hardware.

The complementary expertise of Witekio and LACROIX Electronics, combined with their  respective know-how, is being put to work for industrial IoT: Witekio brings its  expertise in software development on complex embedded or connected systems (OS, firmware, applications, connectivity, etc.), with LACROIX Electronics contributing to hardware development (electronics, mechanics) and the industrialisation through to mass production of devices in its factories in France, Germany, Tunisia and Poland. Within the context of this partnership, LACROIX Electronics has taken a particular interest in Witekio’s Linux development capabilities as well as its  presence in France and Germany, two priority target markets for both partners.

According to Stéphane Gendrot, VP Business Development at LACROIX Electronics: “This  partnership programme with Witekio, We will create IOT (hardware and software) that  our current and future clients will want to offer to their markets”.

According to Yannick Chammings, CEO of Witekio: “We are happy with the collaboration  between LACROIX Electronics and Witekio. Our complementary expertise will allow for new innovative projects to be developed for our clients’ IoT solutions and enable us  to offer them an all-inclusive industrial solution from  design through to mass production.

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