Digi-Key – Motorized 60mm slide potentiometer based on proven technology (Bourns PSM60-081A-103B2)


Digikey is now all set to stock up the product that is a motorized 60 mm slide potentiometer that is based on a proven technology . It is named as Bourns PSM60-081A-103B2.  It will be used in the field of professional audio mixing consoles where professional lightning consoles are also needed . This  Bourns Model PSM60, is typically a 60mm version of the proven Model PSM01 100mm that is made by motorizing the slide  potentiometer, and is now readily available with Digi-Key.

Some of the key features of it are having a long term carbon element , with a  touch sense lever, along with a servo track and number of varieties of standard resistance values with some taper options. It also has PC terminals or snap-in connector options and RoHS complianc

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